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Why You Should Use an Arborist for Caring of Trees?

certified tree specialists

What Makes an Arborist Certified?

An arborist can be defined as an expert trained highly knowledgeable professional tree caretaker. They have extensively been trained in the science of caring, maintaining and planting of trees.

Only a highly trained and seasoned pro can become a certified arborist, and can only be certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. Rigorous exams that will test individuals knowledge about everything in arboriculture (how trees respond to the environment and cultural practices, as well as how they grow) is the only way you can become certified by the ISA society.

certified tree specialists

Here’s a look at what an arborist can help you with in respects to tree services:

  • tree pruning: in order to benefit the health, natural form and growth of a tree. Branches have to be removed as well as stems in a particular manner.
  • tree health: any certified arborist will be able to give you the correct recommendations for treatment of a tree after a diagnosis for diseases or pest infestations.
  • tree planting: to have success in planting a tree, you must know where, how and when to plant it. An arborist will help you understand which species of tree will fair best on your property and help you plant the tree so that it has the best chances of growing into a healthy strong tree.
  • tree removal: when a tree has died, or needs to be removed for other reasons such as infestation of pests or it is posing some kind of threat to your home or property.
  • emergency care for tree: whenever there are storms that can cause significant damage to trees through ice, winds or rain. 24-hour arborists are there to respond.
  • To achieve the title of a certified arborist is no easy task, these arborists aren’t only supposed to have
  • a minimum of three years of experience in the field, they are also expected to stay up to par with any
  • developments in techniques concerning arboriculture. What this means is you are getting an expert
  • with experience in the field , know how and the skills to care for any trees you have on your property.
  • Tree care has a lot more going on than the plainly obvious. Your property value is directly correlated
  • to the trees that are on you property. Whenever you have trees that are on your property and they
  • aren’t properly taken care of through trimming , pruning and maintenance could cause damage to
  • your property. It is crucial that you maintain an overall healthy tree population on your property to
  • minimize any future risk of inflicting property damage and having your property value suffer because of it.
  • Picking the right certified arborist equates to peace of mind knowing that the tree pruning trimming
  • and removal or any other tree care practise in any way will be performed by an expert that will be
  • conscious of the environment and aims to preserve the beauty of your tree all while improving the
  • health and safety of your property. Safety as a property owner should be at the pinnacle of your
  • priority list, and going with an arborist who isn’t certified can put you , your property and your trees at risk.