Can i have a tree removed from outside my house in Toronto ?

If a tree is close to your home or property, it’s best to have it removed before it causes any damage. If you hire a professional to remove the tree, they should be able to come up with a plan for removal, which takes away dangers from your home. Having a tree removed from outside your house helps keep you safe from potential hazards and saves you money in the long run by eliminating any damage that may occur.

Can i have a tree removed from outside my house in Toronto GTA?

How do I get rid of a tree near my house in Toronto Gta ?

Toronto’s climate is ideal for growing trees, but many times you will find yourself wanting to remove them from your yard. Whether you want to clear the space for another tree or because you simply want to take care of a long standing tree that has grown too large and thick, there are several ways to remove it. Here are the top 3 methods used by professional tree removal companies in Toronto:

1) Chipping Chipping is the most common, and often least expensive method of tree removal. However, it can be labor-intensive and messy.

2) Grinding/slicing A more sophisticated approach that allows trees to be cut into large logs similar to how you would cut firewood with an axe or chainsaw.

3) Chainsaw Most commonly used in residential settings where there are few other options.

Who is responsible for tree in Toronto ?

In older parts of Toronto, the City often owns the first 15 feet or so of what appears to be your front yard. All trees located on City-owned land are considered City trees. Whether the tree is yours or not (your neighbour’s), any trees that are affecting street infrastructure must be removed by the owner(s) at their expense. In rare cases, where a tree is causing immediate risk of damage to public structures/poles, it may be ordered removed by Toronto Water.

Is there a fine for cutting down a tree in Toronto ?

Answer: Yes. The City will not issue permits to remove trees without a permit and this includes removing trees that are diseased, dead, or dangerous. This restriction is to ensure that no private person takes advantage of public property by cutting down trees located on public property. If a tree is taken down by a homeowner, private contractor or contractor hired through the City to clear out hazardous areas, then an invoice should be received from them for payment of the fine issued by the City for cutting down the tree in Toronto.

Cutting down a tall maple tree in Toronto Downtown

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