Can I cut down a tree on my property Toronto?

The City of Toronto has strict rules on the number of trees you are allowed to cut down. The number of trees you can remove depends on the size of your lot and how close your property is to other homes.

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How many trees can be cut down by a property owner in Toronto?

In Toronto, you can cut down as many trees on your property as you like within the restrictions of the tree by-law. The number of trees that can be cut down is determined by their size, which is measured at a point 4.5 feet above ground level. The size of an individual tree is also determined by its average diameter and total number of trunks it has.

Let’s start with individual trunks: If you want to know how many trees are in an area, one way to find out would be to measure each trunk individually and add up all those measurements together (one for each trunk). However, there’s another way we could do this—and that is by finding out how large all these individual trunks are combined together into one single “average” trunk.

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You cannot cut down any tree on your property without a permit. If you want to cut down a tree please contact us at