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How to prevent trees from falling on your house

Tree removal services Toronto

Tips to keep you trees from falling over

We often encounter unpredictable emergencies such as snow storms, gale force winds, heavy downpours, thunder storms and strong winds. Trees can topple over, have branches break and other hazards associated with these extreme weather phenomena. The problems aren’t limited to the above mentioned, property damage, utility line disruptions and entrance blockages are also potential hazards. If for whatever reason these uprooted trees/limbs are left to their own devices, there can be more issues in the sense of insect infestations and diseases.

Tree removal services Toronto


Normally it isn’t a necessity to remove a tree from the property or your home. The problem is that post a hazardous weather event, the tree may have taken on damage that the tree can’t recover from. If this is the scenario, then tree removal is going to be necessary to prevent a damaged tree from suddenly falling on your home. This is where the expert arborist is needed to evaluate the condition of the damaged tree and come up with a realistic survival treatment, or the execution of the removal of the uprooted tree.


In the situation where you have a tree that has been damaged by a storm and you are looking to avoid having your home damaged by a threatening tree, you should find a professional arborist to come and have a look at the the problem tree immediately. A broken limb or branch can open a gaping wound that will be inviting for infections and other insects which will naturally cause more damage, this is difficult to judge for yourself. If it is a full on recovery that you wish to pursue, then a professional arborist is the best option to come and give a proper assessment, additionally the arborists will have all the special tools and equipment the is required to safely remove a tree when the chances of saving it are next to none. A certified arborist will have years of experience tucked away under the belt, and they have dealt with large complex trees that require certification and insurance to handle. They will have speciality in arboriculture which is the art of pruning trees by being in the tree and proper stump grinding, proper paperwork for permits required by your city, complete and safe evaluation of a tree etc.


If there is a risk of a tree falling on the road or on your house, you can get an experts advice and government assistance to deal with the problem. Local government personnel my possible send professionals to help you avoid a tree falling scenario. What they might do is remove the tree, or just relocate it on your property after taking it off the road. There is the possibility of them billing you for the removal of the tree cost. Utility wire damage has no charge, as it’s the utility company’s obligation to fix.


Proper tree maintenance and care will help you avoid any surprise emergency situations that can be costly and dangerous. Removal of dead branches and trees prior falling is a first preventative step you can take. Stay on top of trimming and pruning regularly which helps strengthen the tree and keeps it healthy. Get an expert arborist to stay on top of the regular tree maintenance and you can avoid/minimize the risks of damaging your home or property