Toronto Tree Removal

Tree removal, stump grinding and tree trimming.


It is indeed true that tree care may be a pretty big job and too dangerous or, it may just require professional expertise to maintain the trees. It is recommended to hire a professional tree service since working at long heights needs proper training as well as protection due to the many risks involved. The risks include; wildlife, electrical wires, nearby fences, buildings and even homes. In order to get the worth of your money and also to protect one’s interests, it is vital to know the following ten important tips and techniques before removing a tree. 


Any individual planning on tree removal should be conversant with the following techniques and tips prior to the actual process.

  1. How will the job be approached and the equipment to be used

One may not want massive power equipment to drive over their compounds and flowerbeds as this may unnecessarily cause collateral damage. If they have to be moved across the lawn, it is good to ensure that they know the sprinkler head locations heads or the other objects which might be damaged. It might be a great idea to photograph the area before the work starts so that there is a record in case of any damage.

  1. Sound it Out 

Before starting the tree removal process, one should knock against the tree with an axe. If the tree sounds hollow, it might be a dead or a dying tree. On the other hand if the tree sounds solid, it is definitely live wood and it will also be harder to cut. The sounding out should be done at different heights of the tree in order to find a spot which will make the cutting much easier.

  1. men working in mississauga ontario removing a maple treeThe length of the tree removal process period

It is good to know the removal process time length estimate. This can be done by asking a company how long they estimate it will take. It is good to opt for the shortest time to get the tree removal process done quickly and effectively.

  1. The kind of equipment to be used in the tree removal 

It is also advisable to know the equipment that should be used in the removal process. This includes axes, chainsaws, grinders for the stump, if they are needed), trucks and safety gear. Focus on items that will help make the process easy and effective. If paramount tree service equipment is missing one should consider the same first.


  1. Avoid topping

This is regarded a poor practice, especially for the large and healthy hardwood trees, and it shows that one is supposed to continue with their search.

  1. The use of hardhats as well as other personal protective equipment

The Occupational Health Administration and safety needs the personal protective equipment to be used the tree care operation. Great tree care service providers will need the workers to be fully and well protected.

  1. Figuring out where the tree will fall

One should find out whether the tree has a tendency of leaning one way or the other. It is simplest and best to opt for a drop zone which falls where it wants to land naturally. One should try to choose a level spot to avoid the rolling and bouncing of the tree which will in turn prevent damage or injuries.

  1. How to react when the tree falls. 

When the tree to be removed is on its way down, it is advisable to use the escape route of running in order to be safely clear of it. One should not turn their back on the falling tree while moving away so as to decrease the risk of serious injuries.

  1. The individual cutting the tree should never stand directly behind the falling tree. The tree stump might snap and this will send the tree kicking back towards them which may lead to severe injuries. At this point you will need to find a company that also offers tree stump removal.
  2. Another important thing is to ensure not to approach the tree using a chainsaw if the falling fails after cutting. It should only be pulled using a rope since the tree could snap due to the massive pressure.


It is very important to protect oneself and property by hiring a reputable tree care professional for the dangerous jobs. It is also equally vital to protect oneself and the (tree investment) by being knowledgeable on the above techniques. With this information the tree removal process should definitely be a success.